Find Your Ideal Home In Burleson County

Many people looking to buy a home in Texas appreciate being near a large metro area, but also want a small-town lifestyle.  If that’s you, then Burleson County might be the perfect place to find your next home.  There are 3 main communities that are located in Burleson County – Caldwell, Snook, and Somerville.

Caldwell has a rich history and goes by the nicknames The Kolache Capital of Texas” and “The Big Grape.” It serves as the county seat and is home to over 4000 residents. You can see this history reflected in landmarks such as the Reeves-Womack House, and First Presbyterian Church.  The Caldwell Independent School District manages four schools in the city, taking care of education for all grade levels.

Want an even smaller community to call home? Snook is a very nice, tight knit community of 500 people.  Somerville has some 1300 residents.  They are both perfect choices for living in a community that enjoys a more relaxed pace of life.

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