The House That Built Me

It was a bitter sweet day listing my Grandma's home for sale. The Drews home is over 100 years old, and holds generations of family history. I grew up visiting the nostalgic home, and then later it became my home, too.

As I stood in the bedroom upstairs that overlooks La Salle Street in Navasota, I closed my eyes and listened to the cars passing by. As a little girl, I'd sleep in that pretty pink room, nestled under the warm blankets, listening to my aunts and uncles laughing downstairs. I wish I could hear Uncle Johnny telling old stories and everyone laughing.

Karla, I couldn't help but take a picture of the little place we used to sit at the top of the stairs and talk forever.  I remember Uncle Ray's little chemistry set and models in his bedroom that I could never touch.  I love the driveway before it was concrete. I want to take out the push button light switch and stained glass window at the front door. Can I put the old typewriter back on the desk in the den and see grandad typing out this Sunday's sermon again?  Would grandma make those little cookies and host another open house for the entire town?  Can I babysit my little cousins again, Brandy and Chelsie?  How about prom pictures in the formal living room, can we go back there?  Or, sitting on the front porch swing while grandma listened in on private conversations between friends! She said, "Sweet 16 and never been the right guy!"  So many memories in this home.

This song by Miranda Lambert sums up all of the thoughts and feelings of revisiting an old home that holds memories.  Do you have a home like this held in your heart?