College Station Real Estate and College Station Investments

Selling College Station real estate is awesome!  Right now is a great time to find some super deals investing in real estate by Texas A & M.  I had the opportunity to work with several clients this week that were looking specifically for property on the TAMU bus route. 

There are properties that are currently occupied with clients that are paying optimum market rents with reduced selling prices.  That means that if you purchase the home now, you will be earning an income above your mortgage payment.  Investing in student properties is a great way to build your future, but it critical that you work with a Realtor that understands the student investment market.

Timing is crucial to purchasing or renting property in College Station, TX.  The reason why is because the number of people looking to move in is determined by the date that Texas A & M or Blinn in Bryan start their classes.  Once classes have started, the students are not moving.  There are several months in the year that you can gain optimum rental rates and purchase price on your investment in Aggieland.

If you'd like to hear more about rental investments in College Station, or Bryan.  Please give me a call.  There are some awesome deals on the market right now.