How Often Should You Visit Your Out-of-State Rental Property?

InvestInvesting in rental properties outside your immediate area or even in a different state can be a lucrative venture. While the distance may seem daunting, advancements in technology and efficient property management services have made it easier than ever to stay connected and maintain your investments from afar. In this blog post, we will explore the considerations involved in determining how often you should visit your rental property as an out-of-state owner, while emphasizing the significance of trust, communication, and leveraging modern tools.

Building Trust and Connection:

In today's interconnected world, physical proximity is not always a prerequisite for a successful landlord-tenant relationship. As Kathy Scott, Broker/Owner of Texas Prime Real Estate & Blue Ribbon Property Management, aptly describes, many investors have managed their properties for years without setting foot on-site. The key to maintaining trust and a sense of connection lies in effective communication.

Harnessing Technology:

The advent of technology has revolutionized the way landlords and tenants interact, making it easier to bridge the geographical gap. Through video calls, photos, and videos, property managers can provide real-time updates to owners, ensuring transparency and accountability. This virtual connection allows owners to witness the increasing rental rates, property improvements, and the overall value of their investments without the need for frequent physical visits.

Determining the Optimal Visitation Frequency:

While technology plays a vital role in remote property management, occasional visits to your rental property are still valuable. The frequency of these visits will depend on various factors, including:

  •  Property Condition and Tenant Satisfaction: Regular property inspections are crucial to assess its condition and ensure tenant satisfaction. Scheduling annual or biannual visits can help identify maintenance needs, address any concerns, and ensure the property is well-maintained.
  • Local Regulations and Compliance: Familiarizing yourself with local laws and regulations is vital to protect your investment. Occasional visits can provide an opportunity to stay informed about any changes and ensure compliance with local codes.
  • Building Relationships: Visiting your rental property allows you to meet tenants personally, which can foster a sense of rapport and trust. It also provides an opportunity to address any concerns directly, demonstrating your commitment as a responsible landlord.
  • Ongoing Property Management Evaluation: While you may entrust the day-to-day management to professionals, visiting your property occasionally allows you to evaluate the performance of your property management team, ensuring they align with your goals and expectations.


Owning a rental property as an out-of-state investor is feasible and rewarding with the right approach. By leveraging technology, maintaining open communication, and establishing trust, you can effectively manage your property from a distance. While physical visits may not be necessary frequently, occasional trips to your rental property can strengthen relationships, assess property conditions, and ensure compliance with local regulations. By striking a balance between virtual and physical presence, you can confidently navigate the world of out-of-state property ownership while reaping the benefits of your investments.