Streamlining Rental Practices: A Look at Tenant Portal Technology

Streamlining Rental Practices: A Look at Tenant Portal Technology

The internet has changed how we do everything in real estate. It's created a demand for online listings, virtual communication, and even rental property reviews.

It should come as no surprise that it's also having an impact on how tenants interact with their landlords. Even if you don't need full landlord rescue services, you need access to an online tenant portal in 2024.

What are some of the top tenant portal features that can benefit both landlords and their tenants? Read on to find out.

Virtual Rent Payment

Virtual rent collection is one of the best property management tools of the year. Tenants can pay rent with a few clicks of a button and even automate payments to avoid accidental late fees.

A recent renter survey found 69% of renters prefer paying rent online. Online payments are convenient and eliminate the need for outdated payment methods like checks and money orders.

Streamlined Maintenance Requests

Texas renters are entitled to timely maintenance when their safety is in question. As a landlord, you need to stay on the ball and address issues like plumbing leaks and electrical malfunctions.

Real estate technology like tenant portals provides the perfect solution for maintenance requests. Tenants can log non-emergency requests in their portal, which landlords can use to provide real-time updates.

Easy Email Blasts

When you're managing multiple units, you may need to share information with all your tenants at the same time. For example, you may need to let them know about upcoming rental inspections, fire alarm inspections, or common area maintenance.

Tenants will use their contact information to create tenant portal accounts. From the portal, you can send emails and text messages to all of your tenants at once. This can save time and ensure you're giving all tenants due notice of upcoming disruptions.

Simple Lease Renewal

Great lease management is designed to encourage lease renewals year after year. This is another arena where tenants often prioritize convenience. Rather than meeting with each tenant individually, use your tenant portal to send out the new lease and collect digital signatures.

Your tenant portal can also serve as an archive for you and your tenants. This means tenants can review their previous lease agreement to evaluate any changes you're making for the following year. This can cut down on lease renewal turnover times by making it easier for tenants to answer any questions they may have about the new lease.

Sign Up For the Blue Ribbon Tenant Portal

Living in the digital age means adapting to the latest real estate technology. Fortunately, the Blue Ribbon tenant portal is easy to use, and our team members can help with the transition phase. As you can see, our tenant portal features can benefit landlords and tenants alike.

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